Femina Bride

The Bridal Specialist
A woman’s wedding day is that special dream she has held, for as long as she can remember. It will always be her moment of bliss, even after it has passed. Jaipur Jewels, the dream jeweler to every bride-to be has assured this season that every bride looks stunningly best with heavenly jewellery that suits her taste, preference and budget.
A complete jewellery destination, our belief in traditional jewellery design inspires us to infuse its charm into even our most modern, competitive collections. Every jewellery piece is a legacy of centuries of traditional jewellery making. Painstakingly put together, this ensemble of gemstones is a work of art in itself. Gold is intricately woven with the choicest polkies, to create pure beauty in our Jada jewellery. Our diamond pieces are as finely balanced as they are crafted, each spelling out lavish class. Jaipur Jewels invites every bride to visit our boutique store in Mumbai and Delhi.....