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Jaipur Jewels launches the new Savrati collection sculpted for brides who exude the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic feel.

The wedding and festive season is here and Jaipur Jewels takes you on a royal journey with the launch of the new Savrati Collection. The Savrati collection stands for the royal union of time and love symbolic to marriages which ties two individuals in love forever ‘Savrati’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word, “Sarvada” that means timeless and ‘Rati’ means love. In India, weddings are a grand affair and jewellery forms an integral part of it and through this collection Jaipur Jewels presents an arrey of exquisite pieces that are a must have for any bride to be.

The brand new collection is an exclusive treasure chest of ornaments for every trousseau, tradition and wedding ritual. Jaipur Jewels ensures the ‘To Be’ bride gets personalized attention guided by the highly experienced designers at their de.....